Theo von Asmuth

Theo von Asmuth was born in the Philippines.

He was raised on a small island, where he experienced a lot of freedom while playing outside, but also a demanding school education.
Theo von Asmuth moved to Berlin, Germany at the age of eight.

It was winter and for the first time in his life he could see and touch real snow. The new life in Germany was a challenge at first, but Theo von Asmuth soon coped with heavy traffic, the German language and an unknown surrounding with many new people.

Moving to Germany and experiencing two different cultures influenced Theo von Asmuth’s character and thinking to date.

Since 2010 Theo von Asmuth has studied film. During his studies he found his passion for music videos and commercials.

With a lot of experience both in directing and in cinematography, he decided to focus more on directing.

Theo von Asmuth started to work as a freelancer.

After a year in South-East-Asia, where Theo von Asmuth realized own film projects, he now is back in Germany, based in Frankfurt am Main.